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A definitive history of Hollywood's most iconic, storied, and scandalous hotel.

For nearly ninety years, Hollywood's brightest stars have favored the Chateau Marmont as a home away from home. An apartment house-turned-hotel, it has hosted generations of gossip and folklore: 1930s bombshell Jean Harlow took lovers during her third honeymoon there; director Nicholas Ray slept with his sixteen-year-old Rebel Without a Cause star Natalie Wood; Anthony Perkins and Tab Hunter met poolside and began a secret affair; Jim Morrison swung from the balconies, once...
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Chris JacobsLAX ➡️ JFK... A chance to turn some more pages in this fantastic book. I love reading about Hollywood History and the Marmont is legendary. See ya soon NYC! 🍎🍎🍎 #chateaumarmont @ Los Angeles, California (Source)

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