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Does your brand tell a story?

In Winning the Story Wars, globally recognized storyteller, designer and entrepreneur Jonah Sachs argues that only those brands that tell values-driven stories through the right channels will revolutionize marketing. Above that, they may become humanity’s greatest hope for the future.

It’s no surprise that most of today’s marketing messages are swallowed up in a flood of noise the minute they hit the market, with thousands of ads and emails hitting each recipient on a weekly basis. And those recipients, empowered by...

Deepak ChopraGreat leaders transform the world through stories that inspire hope, stability, trust, compassion, and authenticity. This important and thought-provoking book shows that leadership in marketing will require the living and telling of such stories as well. (Source)

Bill BradleyWe know about who we are both individually and as a society through stories. In this brilliant book, Jonah Sachs tells us how we lost our storytelling capacity and how we must regain it, constructing our own myths and living the truth of the stories we tell. (Source)

Cat Williams-TreloarJonah Sachs "Winning the Story Wars" - without a great story you've got nothing. We are rediscovering this as Marketers that stories win a noisy, digital world. Jonah does an excellent job of laying out all the steps you need to tell a compelling story. (Source)

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