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Losing Ground

Jonathan GruberCharles Murray took the economic concept of moral hazard – the concept that if you reward people for bad behaviour then they behave badly – and turned it into prose. Reading the book moved me a notch to the right. It posed a challenge to liberals – to get more rigorous in our analysis. It showed the simple facts didn’t look so good for us and that we needed to address questions like, “Is welfare... (Source)

Augustine 25@pantspartyjon @sallykohn Yeah. Check out how well black families did prior to LBJ's great society programs. Read Charles Murray's book, Losing Ground for the details. (Source)

David FrumBy 1984, conservatives had won a lot of important arguments about public policy. But there are real problems in the mid 80s for Americans that conservatives don’t have the answers to and one of them is the urban crisis that started in the 50s and 60s and was only getting worse. Welfare dependency was getting worse; there was a new problem of homelessness that was very shocking to people living in... (Source)

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