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A firsthand account and incisive analysis of modern protest, revealing internet-fueled social movements’ greatest strengths and frequent challenges

To understand a thwarted Turkish coup, an anti–Wall Street encampment, and a packed Tahrir Square, we must first comprehend the power and the weaknesses of using new technologies to mobilize large numbers of people. An incisive observer, writer, and participant in today’s social movements, Zeynep Tufekci explains in this accessible and compelling book the nuanced trajectories of modern protests—how they form, how they operate...
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Anna GallandOne thing I took from the amazing book "Twitter & Teargas" by @zeynep was the insight that impressive networked protests, like #ClimateStrike, are a signal of a movement's *potential* underlying power. Imagine if the climate mvmt had *actual* power on par with today's showing! (Source)

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