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The Waiter

In the tradition of modern classics The Dinner and A Gentleman in Moscow comes The Waiter, in which the finely tuned balance of a grand European restaurant (that has seen better days) is irrevocably upset by an unexpected guest.

In a centuries-old European restaurant called The Hills, a middle-aged waiter takes pride in the unchangeable aspects of his job: the well-worn uniform, the ragged but solid tablecloths, and the regular diners. Some are there daily, like Graham “Le Gris”—also known as The Pig—and his dignified group of aesthetes; the slightly...
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Andrew RussethFinally read Matias Faldbakken’s ‘The Waiter.’ I recommend it. A weird, wry romp through one guy’s mind and one great restaurant. A book for those who enjoy a hearty meal at Paris Bar, a stiff cocktail at the Carlyle, perhaps a languorous evening at La Grenouille. (Source)

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Models of Integrity examines the relationship between contemporary art and the law through the lens of integrity. In the 1960s, artists began to engage conspicuously with legal ideas, rituals, and documents. The law—a primary institution subject to intense moral and political scrutiny—was a widely recognized source of authority to audiences inside the art world and out. Artists frequently engaged with the law in ways that signaled a recuperation of the integrity that they believed had been compromised by the very institutions entrusted with establishing standards of just conduct. These... more
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Andrew Russeth@felixsalmon In her amazing new book (, Joan Kee recounts Douglas Huebler reissuing already-sold works in an attempt to punish a dealer who hadn't paid him his cut. (The collectors were collateral damage.) (Source)

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Drawn by two of the true great comic book legends, Jack Kirby and Gil Kane, this is a facsimile collection of a 'long-lost', unpublished legendary comic book based on the cult classic 1967 British TV show, The Prisoner, co-created, written, directed and starring Patrick McGoohan (Scanners, Braveheart). less
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Andrew Russeth@jerrysaltz Agreed, the final book was a beautiful surprise. I, III, and final for me. During "The Prisoner" I was in pain and had trouble slogging through—though I've talked to people who love it. (Source)

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