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Like bubonic plague and stone cladding, no-one took Margaret Thatcher seriously until it was too late. Her first act as leader was to appear before the cameras and do a V for Victory sign the wrong way round. She was smiling and telling the British people to f*** off at the same time. It was something we would have to get used to.'

Things Can Only Get Better is the personal account of a Labour supporter who survived eighteen miserable years of Conservative government. It is the heartbreaking and hilarious confessions of someone who has been actively involved in helping the Labour...
Recommended by Andrew Hindmoor, and 1 others.

Andrew HindmoorThis book is in the ‘history as nostalgia’ category, a book that reminds you of the past and of who you were in the past. It’s a genuinely funny book. It will resonate for anybody who was (as I was) a left-of-centre student feeling absolutely righteous conviction at the certainty of the correctness of their own views. Utter bemusement is the prerogative of youth, and it was impossible to... (Source)

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The Road to 1945 is a rigorously researched study of the crucial moment when political parties put aside their differences to unite under Churchill and focus on the task of war. But the war years witnessed a radical shift in political power - dramatically expressed in Labour's decisive electoral victory in 1945.

In his acclaimed study, Paul Addison reconstructs and interprets the five-year wartime coalition, and traces this sea-change from its roots in the thirties, to the powerful spirit of post-war rebuilding.

The Road to 1945 is an imaginative,...
Recommended by Andrew Hindmoor, and 1 others.

Andrew HindmoorWhat’s impressive about the book is its sweep and how it fits things together that aren’t obvious. What The Road to 1945 shows is the degree to which the triumphant—because it’s usually viewed as triumphant—1945 Labour government was the product of the war. (Source)

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The Time of My Life

The memoirs of a leading politician, this work is also an autobiography of Denis Healey. He was born in 1917, expanded his political views at Oxford, and also became an MP for Leeds in 1952. 'The Time of my Life' also illuminates his love of literature, art, music and photography. less
Recommended by Andrew Hindmoor, and 1 others.

Andrew HindmoorDenis Healey is such an interesting person and he tells such nice anecdotes in the book. He was a really important figure from 1945 right through to the mid-1980s. He held a succession of major cabinet ministries, and was right at the centre of lots of the key economic and political debates at the time. This is an insider account; you’re going behind the stage and seeing what he really thought... (Source)

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Simon Schama’s dramatic, broad-ranging, and immensely readable epic history of Britain reaches its triumphant conclusion in this third and final volume, which stretches from the American Revolution to the present. less
Recommended by Andrew Hindmoor, and 1 others.

Andrew HindmoorThere’s a lightness to his touch as he punctures the myths of British history. (Source)

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The unmissable inside story of the most dramatic general election campaign in modern history and Theresa May’s battle for a Brexit deal, the greatest challenge for a prime minister since the Second World War.

By the bestselling author of All Out War, shortlisted for the Orwell Prize 2017.

This is the unmissable inside story of the most dramatic general election campaign in modern history and Theresa May’s battle for a Brexit deal – the greatest challenge for a prime minister since the Second World War.

Recommended by Stephen Bush, Andrew Hindmoor, and 2 others.

Stephen BushFall Out is a brilliant book. It’s unashamedly a book about a very small elite; based on the machinations of about 40 people. It is a book built on incredible access; but it also reads well. (Source)

Andrew HindmoorIt is a page-turner. It’s quite interesting to see politicians being so deliciously and cleverly rude about each other and to each other. Clearly he’s dealing with massively important affairs of state, but the characters are just so human, the way they’re portrayed. I just find it beautiful to read. It’s a big book—goodness knows how long the audiobook must be—but coming to the end, you can kid... (Source)

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‘The best political book of the year’ Andrew Marr

‘A superb work of storytelling and reporting. Sets new benchmark for the writing of contemporary political history’ Andrew Sparrow, Guardian

The only book to tell the full story of how and why Britain voted to leave the EU.

Based on unrivalled access to all the key politicians and their advisors – including Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, George Osborne, Nigel Farage and Dominic Cummings, the mastermind of Vote Leave – Tim Shipman has written a political history that reads like a thriller, and...

Marc AndreessenInside story of how Britain decided to exit the EU. Economic self-destruction or national liberation? Repercussions to play out for decades. (Source)

Boris StarlingAll Out War is brilliant. It’s one of the best political books I’ve ever read. It’s 200,000 words and he wrote it in something like ten weeks. Just to produce that amount of words that quickly and for it to be so good is really phenomenal. There’s the old cliche about journalism being the first draft of history. This really is. (Source)

Andrew HindmoorAll Out War and Fallout are consummate insider accounts of the politics of the last few years. These are events we’re still living through, and the third book in the trilogy will be out later this year. Both are really substantive books that I give to my students. They’re very long and very detailed, not lightweight books by any means. He’s got this amazing capacity to marshal the minutiae of... (Source)

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