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Recommended by Alexander, and 1 others.

AlexanderIn this book, you have different lessons, like a geography one where you talk about Brazil football. Then there’s a computer science one where you talk about what players do off the pitch on computers and how ratings work. In history, you learn about the history of football. (Source)

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Kane (Ultimate Football Heroes) - Collect Them All!

Meet Harry Kane - Ultimate Football Hero.

When Harry Kane was released by Arsenal at nine years old for being too small, he had to use all his self-belief to prove that he could make it as a footballer. Now a superstar striker for Tottenham Hotspur and England, his hard work and determination have paid off. Kane is the amazing story of how the boy from North London became the Premier League's most lethal goalscorer.

Ultimate Football Heroes is a series of biographies telling the life-stories of the biggest and best footballers in the world and their...

Recommended by Alexander, and 1 others.

AlexanderI’ve chosen a book about Harry Kane, who is my joint favourite player. It’s basically Harry Kane’s biography about how he was dropped by Arsenal at the age of 9 and was almost dropped by Tottenham when he was 15. It shows how he watched his first football match at White Hart Lane, and he saw Klinsmann score to help them avoid relegation. Also, about how he vied with his brother to be the best in... (Source)

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Recommended by Alexander, and 1 others.

AlexanderThis book explains everything about football from tactics to famous past players. It literally explains everything. That is what surprised me so much, the amount of information put into that book. (Source)

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This is football comic-ery, but not as you know it. Welcome to the inimitable work of illustrator David Squires.

Football and comics. Once a hearty Saturday combination to match cartoons and cereal, in recent years they’ve drifted apart. Thankfully for us, Squires is here to change all that.

In The Illustrated History of Football, his first book, Squires relives some of football’s most glorious moments and meets its greatest figures. In a sport full of handsome paycheques and corporate sponsors, he also casts a critical eye over corrupt backroom workings...
Recommended by Alexander, and 1 others.

AlexanderFootball and cartoons, it immediately caught my attention. I read through it and it says basically every single part of the history of football. (Source)

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Goalkeepers are Different

Recommended by Simon Kuper, Alexander, and 2 others.

Simon KuperThis is again a bit of a cult book. Brian Glanville is the legendary football journalist, he’s been doing it for, I think, 60 years – his age is never clear to me, but he must be in his late seventies now. He ghosted the autobiography of a famous pre-war footballer when he was 17 and has been in the business ever since. And he’s written wonderful histories – he’s a very, very fine writer and he... (Source)

AlexanderGoalkeepers are Different is my absolute favourite. It’s really good because this player didn’t expect to be a goalie in the first place, but then their goalkeeper got injured at school. So when they next played a school match, he was put in goal. It turns out he was a really good goalie. (Source)

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