World on Fire

How Exporting Free Market Democracy Breeds Ethnic Hatred and Global Instability

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Every few years, a book is published about America's role in the world and the changing contest of global affairs that gets everyone thinking in a new way. Amy Chua's WORLD ON FIRE will have exactly that kind of impact on the debate of how the world has changed in light of the events of last September.

Apostles of globalization, such as Thomas Friedman, believe that exporting free markets and democracy to other countries will increase peace and prosperity throughout the developing world; Amy Chua is the anti-Thomas Friedman. Her book wil be a dash of cold water in the face of...

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Herman Mashaba Over dinner with my wife last night, I deeply reflected on events leading to my decision to finally be a Public Servant, I shared with her this book I read more the ten years ago. Inequality in the world is a curse, and SA is a victim of this evil. Must read book to wake us up (Source)

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