Whoops! Why Everyone Owes Everyone and No One Can Pay

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We are, to use a technical economic term, screwed. The cowboy capitalists had a party with everyone's money and now we're all paying for it. What went wrong? And will we learn our lesson - or just carry on as before, like celebrating surviving a heart attack with a packet of Rothmans?

If you want to know, but are the sort of person who finds it hard to tell the difference between a CDO a CDS an MBS and a toasted cheese sandwich, John Lanchester has mastered the finer points of finance so you don't have to. In Whoops! he explains, in language everyone can understand, what really...

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Dorothy Rowe Yes, but capitalism is a relatively recent event in that way. None of this was true in the middle ages. In John Lanchester’s book Whoops!, which is my next choice, he points out that during the Cold War communism and capitalism were balanced – so capitalist America did nice things to show that they were nicer than these horrible communists. And at the time a lot of people had put their hopes in communism. I know that my dad had. Out in Australia he was told and believed that all the wrongs that he and his family had suffered would be put right and it would be a fairer world – he couldn’t... (Source)

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