The Year Without Pants and the Future of Work

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A behind-the-scenes look at the firm behind and the unique work culture that contributes to its phenomenal success50 million websites, or twenty percent of the entire web, use WordPress software. The force behind is a convention-defying company called Automattic, Inc., whose 120 employees work from anywhere in the world they wish, barely use email, and launch improvements to their products dozens of times a day. With a fraction of the resources of Google, Amazon, or Facebook, they have a similar impact on the future of the Internet. How is this possible? What's... more

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Timothy Ferriss Author & EntrepreneurIf you want to think differently about entrepreneurship, management, or life in general, read this book. (Source)

Guy Kawasaki Author & EntrepreneurThe underlying concept - an 'expert' putting himself on the line as an employee - is just fantastic. And then the book gets better from there! I wish I had the balls to do this. (Source)

Eric Ries Founder/Long-Term Stock ExchangeMost talk of the future of work is just speculation, but Berkun has actually worked there. The Year Without Pants is a brilliant, honest, and funny insider's story of life at a great company. (Source)

Kevin Lamping Scott Berkun is a great author and this is an entertaining read about his time at (Source)

Om Malik The future of work is distributed. Automattic wrote the script. Time for rest of us to read it. (Source)

Gina Trapani With humor and heart, Scott has written a letter from the future about a new kind of workplace that wasn't possible before the internet. His insights will make you laugh, think, and ask all the right questions about your company's culture. (Source)

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