The Strangest Man

The Hidden Life of Paul Dirac, Mystic of the Atom

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'A monumental achievement - one of the great scientific biographies.' Michael Frayn

The Strangest Man is the Costa Biography Award-winning account of Paul Dirac, the famous physicist sometimes called the British Einstein. He was one of the leading pioneers of the greatest revolution in twentieth-century science: quantum mechanics. The youngest theoretician ever to win the Nobel Prize for Physics, he was also pathologically reticent, strangely literal-minded and legendarily unable to communicate or empathize. Through his greatest period of productivity, his postcards home...

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Eric Weinstein Managing Director/Thiel Capital[Eric Weinstein recommended this book on Twitter.] (Source)

Marcus Chown Graham Farmelo said that he’d never met anyone – even in Bristol where Paul Dirac grew up and lived – who’d ever heard of him: the greatest English physicist since Newton! (Source)

Pedro G Ferreira Out of a fascination with mathematical beauty Dirac discovered the natural world. (Source)

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