The Storyteller's Secret

From TED Speakers to Business Legends, Why Some Ideas Catch On and Others Don't

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How did an American immigrant without a college education go from Venice Beach T-Shirt vendor to television's most successful producer? How did a timid pastor's son surmount a paralyzing fear of public speaking to sell out Yankee stadium, twice? How did the city of Tokyo create a PowerPoint stunning enough to win it the chance to host the Olympics?

They told brilliant stories.

In his hugely attended Talk Like TED events, bestselling author and communications guru Carmine Gallo found, again and again, that audiences wanted to discover the keys to telling powerful...

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Julia Enthoven Since Kapwing is still a very young company, The Storyteller’s Secret helps me think about how I can communicate the origin story of Kapwing to our users and other people. I’m enjoying both! (Source)

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