The Sleep Revolution

Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time

Ranked #5 in Sleep

We are in the midst of a sleep deprivation crisis, writes Arianna Huffington, the co-founder and editor in chief of The Huffington Post. And this has profound consequences – on our health, our job performance, our relationships and our happiness.

What is needed, she boldly asserts, is nothing short of a sleep revolution. Only by renewing our relationship with sleep can we take back control of our lives. In her bestseller Thrive, Arianna wrote about our need to redefine success through well-being, wisdom, wonder, and giving. Her discussion of the importance of sleep as...

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Sheryl Sandberg COO/FacebookArianna shows that sleep is not just vital for our health, but also critical to helping us achieve our goals. Sometimes we need to sleep in to lean in! (Source)

Susan Cain AuthorArianna Huffington is one of our leading authorities on the life well-lived. In this passionate, deeply researched book, she reveals everything you need to know about the magic elixir of sleep: from how to get enough, to why it matters. I dare you to read this book and carry on depriving your body (and soul) of the nightly nourishment it so desperately needs. (Source)

Emma Watson Recommends this book

Nathan Chan First time meeting @ariannahuff for her book launch in Melbourne! She gave me some powerful business insights that I ran with and allowed Foundr to grow to the multi-million dollar brand it is today. I’ve put them together as a course— INFINITE SCALE (Source)

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