The Seabird’s Cry

The Lives and Loves of Puffins, Gannets and Other Ocean Voyagers

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The story of seabirds – the pattern of their lives, their habitats, the threats they face and the passions they inspire from one of our greatest nature writers.

Seabirds have always entranced the human imagination and Adam Nicolson has been in love with them all his life: for their mastery of wind and ocean, their aerial beauty and the unmatched wildness of the coasts and islands where every summer they return to breed.

Over the last couple of decades, modern science has begun to understand them: their epic voyages, their astonishing abilities to navigate for...

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Charles Foster If we try to understand the world just by intuiting it, we will just be amorphous. If we try to understand the world just by dissecting it, we will kill it. Adam Nicolson’s achievement is to show that these two ways of describing the world to ourselves are complementary rather than antagonistic. (Source)

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