The Reckoning

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"In just 25 years we have gone from the American century to the American crisis," Felix Rohatyn, financier & social critic, sets the theme: the fateful challenge to American industrial supremacy. Five years in the making, THE RECKONING reveals a society that got too rich for its own good, racing thru its postwar prosperity, developing wasteful habits. Finally in the mid-70s it fell prey to an unlikely rival: Japan, a nation only recently scorned for the low quality of its goods. This chastening study, portrays the conflict between the culture of affluence & that of adversity. It's a... more

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David J Lynch This one sort of speaks to something I’ve long been interested in. We get this general education in schools that follows the basic themes of presidents and wars and that kind of thing and then there’s this alternative history of finance and economics, and Lords of Finance impressed me because it gives you that alternative history, particularly through the inter-war years from the end of World War I into the Great Depression. A buddy of mine described it as The Guns of August for global finance and I think that sums it up nicely. It’s a great history. (Source)

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