The Quest

Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World

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This long-awaited successor to Daniel Yergin's Pulitzer Prize–winning The Prize provides an essential, overarching narrative of global energy, the principal engine of geopolitical and economic change

Renowned energy authority Daniel Yergin continues the riveting story begun in his Pulitzer Prize–winning book, The Prize, in this gripping account of the quest for the energy the world needs—and the power and riches that come with it. A master storyteller as well as one of the world's great experts, Yergin proves that energy is truly the engine of...

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Bill Gates CEO/MicrosoftAnother great book I read recently was The Quest, by Daniel Yergin. For anyone interested in the dynamics shaping our energy future and all of the innovation around energy, it’s a fantastic book. In addition to my review of his book, I’ve also posted a response from the author to the follow-up questions I had about the important topics covered in his book. (Source)

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