The Principles of Psychology, Vol 1

Ranked #88 in Philosopher

This is the first inexpensive edition of the complete Long Course in Principles of Psychology, one of the great classics of modern Western literature and science and the source of the ripest thoughts of America’s most important philosopher. As such, it should not be confused with the many abridgements that omit key sections.
The book presents lucid descriptions of human mental activity, with detailed considerations of the stream of thought, consciousness, time perception, memory, imagination, emotions, reason, abnormal phenomena, and similar topics. In its course it takes into...

Reviews and Recommendations

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Lisa Feldman Barrett A wonderful summary of what was known and what questions were being asked at the dawn of psychology as a science in the 19th century. (Source)

Susan Blackmore Out of all the books I own, this is my absolute treasure. (Source)

Charles Fernyhough An extraordinary work and compulsory reading for psychology students, even though the book is over a hundred years old. (Source)

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