The Jewel in the Crown

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No set of novels so richly recreates the last days of India under British rule--"two nations locked in an imperial embrace"--as Paul Scott's historical tour de force, " The Raj Quartet." "The Jewel in the Crown" opens in 1942 as the British fear both Japanese invasion and Indian demands for independence. less

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Brigid Keenan It’s a story about a British family in India in the last days of the British Raj (it all takes place in the early 1940s before the British left). That was the time when I was in India as a child, but I was 20 years younger than the heroine of the book, Daphne Manners. The basic plot is that Daphne falls in love with a young Indian journalist who has been educated in England. He’s quite posh, and of the same class as Daphne, but he’s Indian. No one can accept this. The author Paul Scott uses the story to illustrate the whole social map of India at that time. You’ve got the British hanging on... (Source)

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