The Education of Millionaires

Everything You Won't Learn in College About How to Be Successful

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Some of the smartest, most successful people in the country didn’t finish college. None of them learned their most critical skills at an institution of higher education. And like them, most of what you’ll need to learn to be successful you’ll have to learn on your own, outside of school.
Michael Ellsberg set out to fill in the missing pieces by interviewing a wide range of millionaires and billionaires who don’t have college de­grees, including fashion magnate Russell Simmons and Facebook found­ing president Sean Parker.
This book is your guide to developing...

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Marin Gerov The Education of Millionaires by Michael Ellsberg is the one book that started my interest in the non-fiction, productivity genre. It pointed me to Tim Ferriss’ books which have had the most impact on me as they helped me change my behaviour quite a few times, especially when it comes to health and learning. (Source)

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