The Ascent of Money

A Financial History of the World

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Niall Ferguson follows the money to tell the human story behind the evolution of finance, from its origins in ancient Mesopotamia to the latest upheavals on what he calls Planet Finance. Bread, cash, dosh, dough, loot, lucre, moolah, readies, the wherewithal: Call it what you like, it matters. To Christians, love of it is the root of all evil. To generals, it’s the sinews of war. To revolutionaries, it’s the chains of labor. But in The Ascent of Money, Niall Ferguson shows that finance is in fact the foundation of human progress. What’s more, he reveals financial history as the essential... more

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Max Levchin Co-founder/PayPal, CEO/Affirm, Investor[Max Levchin recommended this book as an answer to "What business books would you advise young entrepreneurs read?"] (Source)

Muhtar Kent Former CEO/Coca-ColaCEO considers it a great read. (Source)

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