Thank You for Smoking

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“The perfect antidote to the 1990s. Buy yourself a pack of Camels, a cocktail shaker, and a nine-millimeter assault weapon. Read this. Then laugh.”
—P.J. O'Rourke

The hero of Christopher Buckley's wickedly funny novel is Nick Naylor, chief spokesman for the Academy of Tobacco Studies. Nick likes his job. In the neo-puritanical nineties, it is a challenge to defend the rights of smokers and a privilege to promote their liberty. Sure, it hurts a little when you're compared to Nazi war criminals, but Nick says he's just doing what it takes to pay the mortgage and put his...

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Ronn Torossian While the title is more recognized for the movie, it is the book that provides the greatest perspective and strategic insight. Buckley provides an inimitable window into the development and creation of narratives, and how imperative it is for industries and brands to understand how to shape them. (Source)

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