Team Yankee

A Novel of World War III

Ranked #6 in Miniatures, Ranked #79 in War Fiction

This revised and updated edition of the classic Cold War novel Team Yankee reminds us once again might have occurred had the United States and its Allies taken on the Russians in Europe, had cooler geopolitical heads not prevailed. For 45 years after World War II, East and West stood on the brink of war. When Nazi Germany was destroyed, it was evident that Russian tank armies had become supreme in Europe, but only in counterpart to US air power. In 1945 US and UK bombers sent a signal to the advancing Russians at Dresden to beware of what the Allies could do. Likewise when the Russians... more

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P W Singer and August Cole A more realistic version of what Tom Clancy was doing… a deep dive into the life of an armoured officer. (Source)

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