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From the author of the bestselling biographies of Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein, this is the exclusive, New York Times bestselling biography of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

Based on more than forty interviews with Jobs conducted over two years—as well as interviews with more than a hundred family members, friends, adversaries, competitors, and colleagues—Walter Isaacson has written a riveting story of the roller-coaster life and searingly intense personality of a creative entrepreneur whose passion for perfection and ferocious drive revolutionized six industries: personal...

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Bill Gates CEO/Microsoft[On Bill Gates's reading list in 2012.] (Source)

Elon Musk Founder/SpaceXQuite interesting. (Source)

John Doerr Recommends this book

Brian Chesky Co-Founder & CEO/AirBnbFor Chesky, a source may come in the form of a biography of a business hero such as Steve Jobs or Walt Disney. His primary book source on management technique is Andy Grove’s High Output Management. (Source)

Gary Vaynerchuk Chairman/VaynerXI've read 3 business books in my life. If you call [this book] a business book. (Source)

Ken Norton Recommends this book

Ryan Holiday AuthorIt’s unusual for modern biographies to be this good. It’s especially unusually for the subject of the biography to approach the biographer in the way that Steve Jobs did (thinking that he was the intellectual heir of Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein). But despite those two things, this bio is and will likely forever be a classic. It shows Jobs at his best–determined, creative, prophetic–and at his worst–petty, selfish, tyrannical and vicious. You can learn just as much about what kind of leader you probably don’t want to be from this book as you can from anything else. That’s what is so... (Source)

Florian Hubner Probably all these autobiographies about great entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs. They showed me the possibilities of entrepreneurship if you just have patience and ambition. And still right now…these books produce so many feelings of euphoria so that I just can't stop creating new stuff. (Source)

Chelsea Frank Many books on the most successful people in business are very compelling. I recently read “Steve Jobs: An Autobiography” by Walter Isaacson followed by “Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future” By Ashlee Vance. The parallels of the success of the unique individuals as well as their personalities was very interesting. I am quite sure, however, that their definition of “success” resembled something I would not wish to hold. I was also very sure that while they may both be considered some of the greatest minds in our history, they both struggled deeply with inner... (Source)

Pat Walls Favorite non-business book: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson - if that counts as non-business. (Source)

Lewis Smith Also not a programming book, but inspiring if you are starting your own thing. (Source)

Seth Louey I believe that younger generations should focus on what they are passionate about. We are seeing a trend in tech where working remote, using your personal brand to grow your products, and funding through blockchain technology is the new way of creating startups. So I would read up on The Lean Startup, anything by Gary Vee, Artificial Intelligence, and biography/philosophy of Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, and Steve Jobs. (Source)

Fabrice Grinda I have lots of books to recommend, but they are not related to my career path. The only one that is remotely related is Peter Thiel’s Zero to One. That said here are books I would recommend. (Source)

Ed Vinicombe Instead of the mundane "Marketing Tricks and Tips" kind of books, I enjoy personal stories of entrepreneurs and learning about their approach to life and business. One in particular that stands out (rather predictably) is the story of Steve Jobs and Elon Musk. Their autobiographies are fantastic reads and if you haven't read them - go and do it now! I love learning about their personalities and attitude to life - that is massively motivating for me in business. (Source)

Burly Vinson Not sure if this counts as a business book, but Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson is a great book. It really lets you get a glimpse into the mind of one of the most successful creators/entrepreneurs in recent history. (Source)

Michael Hebenstreit If you want to become an entrepreneur and succeed in a competitive environment, then there are some evergreen books as well, for example: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. (Source)

Ovidiu Drugan For business best practice. (Source)

Robert Hajnal [Books I recommend] For growing a business: Steve Jobs’ biography by Walter Isaacson; Call to action – Bryan Eisenberg, Jeffrey Eisenberg & Lisa T. Davis; Get to the top on Google – David Viney; Losing my Virginity – Richard Branson; The Snowball – Alice Schroeder. (Source)

Bogdan Iordache There are quite a few good business books on technology, and I'll list below some I find to be a good starting point. Personally, I like biographies a lot and I mostly read biographies of dead people, because those are the most honest ones. So because the computer age is still very young, there won't be a lot of biographies in my list. (Source)

Sanjiv Kapoor Speaking on my inspirations this afternoon... not just Steve Jobs the person, but also the book on him by Walter Isaacson which is equally inspiring. It is an innovation Bible that brings the important of passion to life. Truly inspirational. (Source)

Dan Rockwell Recommends this book

Sean Si Recommends this book

Eytan Levit Recommends this book

Scott Belsky [Scott Belsky recommended this book on the podcast "The Tim Ferriss Show".] (Source)

Dan Wootton @thejakeharrison Great book! (Source)

George Raveling [When I read this book] I was so blown away. I had underlined about three-quarters of the book. (Source)

Ed Zschau [Ed Zschau recommended this book on the podcast "The Tim Ferriss Show".] (Source)

Chris Fussell Really did a good job of capturing the way that an innovation leader’s mind works. (Source)

Thomas Hellmann It’s a page-turner. You actually want to know how the story ends. (Source)

Santiago Basulto I love to read biographies and stories of companies. Hatching Twitter is a really good book, and if you’re into that sort of books, bios of Steve Jobs (by Isaacson) or Jeff Bezos are great too. (Source)

Yaro Starak I love really detailed biographies, the thick ones, like the Arnold Schwarzenegger one and also Steve Jobs, the one done a few years ago was nice and solid really goes into the details, I love those. They’ve always been really impactful, whether it’s an entrepreneur or an athlete or a well-known celebrity or expert or historical figure, those biographies have had a big impact on me as well and just enjoyable to listen to. (Source)

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