Spying on Whales

The Past, Present, and Future of Earth's Most Awesome Creatures

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The Smithsonian's star paleontologist takes us to the ends of the earth and to the cutting edge of whale research

Whales are among the largest, most intelligent, deepest diving species to have ever lived on our planet. They evolved from land-roaming, dog-like creatures into animals that move like fish, breathe like us, can grow to 300,000 pounds, live 200 years and roam entire ocean basins. Whales fill us with terror, awe, and affection--yet we know hardly anything about them, and they only enter our awareness when they die, struck by a ship or stranded in the surf. Why did...

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Dan Vergano Review science book mailbag: The Penguin Book of Outer Space Exploration - Ed. by John Logsdon Fwd. by Bill Nye Spying On Whales: the Past, Present, and Future of earth's Most awesome Creatures by Nick Pyenson (Source)

Tom Flowers Check out this new book on Amazon: Spying on Whales: The Past, Present, and Future of Earth's Most Awesome Creatures, by Nick Pyenson https://t.co/6ROYo8GH1N via @amazon (Source)

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