Smilla's Sense of Snow

Ranked #18 in Copenhagen, Ranked #80 in Iceland

She thinks more highly of snow and ice than she does of love.  She lives in a world of numbers, science and memories--a dark, exotic stranger in a strange land.  And now Smilla Jaspersen is convinced she has uncovered a shattering crime...

It happened in the Copenhagen snow.  A six-year-old boy, a Greenlander like Smilla, fell to his death from the top of his apartment building.  While the boy's body is still warm, the police pronounce his death an accident.  But Smilla knows her young neighbor didn't fall from the roof on his own.  Soon she is following a path of clues as clear to...

Reviews and Recommendations

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Daisy Johnson It’s savage and freezing and intensely beautiful and strange. It taught me to love writing about strong women and extremes of nature. (Source)

Pam Keith Dear Denmark: We know that Greenland is an autonomous Danish territory & not for sale. Anyone who’s read Smilla’s Sense of Snow (great book) knows THAT! But could you please pretend like it is to keep our toddler man-baby distracted for a while. (Source)

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