Anxiety and Anger (Attachment & Loss #2)

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Dr. Bowlby's second pioneering volume examines the effect of separation on the development of the child and the psychopathology that often follows separation. The experience of separation and the ensuing susceptibility to anxiety, anger, and fear constitute the flip side of the attachment phenomenon. In an authoritative new foreword to Bowlby's classic study, Stephen Mitchell (who gives resonant voice to the relational perspective in psychoanalysis) bridges the distance between attachment theory and the psychoanalytic tradition. less

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Simon Baron-Cohen I picked this book because I think it was revolutionary. Today, with hindsight, it looks like the book is telling us something very obvious – that how we treat our children in the early years makes a difference to how they grow up. But this is not something that was always recognised. John Bowlby was a paediatrician working in London, and he looked at the concept of what he called attachment. What he meant by that was the child’s relationship to their caregiver in the first few years of life. He argued that if children have insecure attachments they can develop all kinds of difficulties by... (Source)

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