Rhinoceros Success

The Secret to Charging Full Speed Toward Every Opportunity

Ranked #16 in Racing, Ranked #24 in Car

Author Scott Alexander wants you to wake up tomorrow morning as a full-grown, 6,000-pound rhinoceros! Rhinos have purpose. Rhinos have dreams. And rhinos put everything they've got into everything they do. If you have ever thought I can do better, if you have ever felt the stirrings of rhino blood in your veins and your heart quicken at the scent of success, then you are ready. Listen to Rhinoceros Success and get charging! less

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Dave Ramsey Author[Dave Ramsey recommended this book on his website.] (Source)

Bear Grylls Adventurer, author, survival instructorOne of the bedrocks of my life and work. (Source)

Doug McMillon CEO/WalmartRead some wonderful and enlightening books this year. (Source)

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