Change Your Brain to Break Bad Habits, Overcome Addictions, Conquer Self-Destruc tive Behavior

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The bestselling author of Undoing Depression offers a brain-based guide to permanently ending bad habits

Richard O’Connor’s bestselling book Undoing Depression has become a touchstone in the field, helping thousands of therapists and patients overcome depressive patterns. In Rewire, O’Connor expands those ideas, showing how we actually have two brains—a conscious deliberate self and an automatic self that makes most of our decisions—and how we can train the latter to ignore distractions, withstand temptations, and interrupt reflexive, self-sabotaging...

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Bogdan Lucaciu I think Rewire (by Richard O'Connor) helped me a lot at the time, it was the first neuropsychology book, and it shed light on my bad habits and behaviour. It opened my appetite for “brain” books and started a journey of understanding, acceptance and change. (Source)

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