Pumping Insulin

Everything for Success on an Insulin Pump and Cgm

Table of Contents: 1) Benefits of an Insulin Pump, 2) All About CGMs, 3) Select a Pump and Infusion Set, 4) Carb Counting, 5) Reach Your Glucose Goals, 6) Start on a Pump, 7) Essentials of the Bolus Calculator, 8) Tools for Better BC Settings, 9) Your TDD, 10) Choose, Check and Change Your Basal Rates, 11) Check and Change Your Carb Factor, 12) Choose, Check and Change Your Correction Factor, 13) Unwanted Glucose Patterns, 14) Real-Time CGM, 15) Stop Highs from the Infusion Set, 16) Hypoglycemia, 17) Ketoacidosis, 18) Erratic Readings, 19) Exercise and Diabetes, 20) Children and Teens, 21)... more

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