Microbe Hunters

Ranked #8 in Microbiology, Ranked #56 in Diseases

“It manages to delight, and frequently to entrance, old and new readers [and] continues to engage our hearts and minds today with an indescribably brand of affectionate sympathy.”—F. Gonzalez-Crussi, from the Introduction

An international bestseller, translated into eighteen languages, Paul de Kruif’s classic account of the first scientists to see and learn about the microscopic world continues to fascinate new readers. This is a timeless dramatization of the scientists, bacteriologists, doctors, and medical technicians who discovered the microbes and invented the vaccines...

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Seth Mnookin It’s such a fun book — to the extent that something about searching for microbes can be fun. I got the sense that the author was saying very consciously, “This is awesome and exciting and I’m going to show that!” I just love those types of stories. It’s one of the reasons I like The Ghost Map also: it’s really a story of this small group of people who changed our entire understanding of the world we live in and in pretty dramatic ways and with very dramatic consequences for public health and the development of new medicines. I just find that so exciting and astounding. I don’t know if you’ve... (Source)

P. D. Mangan @ClemensXI Glad you asked. Literally, it's the biology of very small organisms, including bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and fungi. The story of van Leeuvenhoek, the first microbiologist, is fascinating, and you might try the book Microbe Hunters by de Kruif. (Source)

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