Levels of the Game

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This account of a tennis match played by Arthur Ashe against Clark Graebner at Forest Hills in 1968 begins with the ball rising into the air for the initial serve and ends with the final point. McPhee provides a brilliant, stroke-by-stroke description while examining the backgrounds and attitudes which have molded the players' games. less

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Stephen J. Dubner AuthorWe [note: Tim Ferriss] both absolutely love Levels of the Game by John McPhee, an entire book about a single tennis match between Arthur Ashe and Clark Graebner in 1968. It's a short 162 pages and The New York Times gushed, "This may be the high point of American sports journalism". It's Stephen's most-gifted book for adults. (Source)

Daniel Pink AuthorRecommends this book

Stephen Dubner One of my very, very favorite books ever. (Source)

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