Juliet's School of Possibilities

A Little Story about the Power of Priorities

Ranked #95 in Time Management

A charming, life-changing fable that will help you rethink your whole approach to time, priorities, and possibilities.

Riley Jenkins is in trouble. An ambitious, hardworking consultant in her late twenties, she's used to a lifetime of nearly perfect evaluations - until she gets a terrible performance review from her boss. How is that possible when Riley does everything her clients want - including answering emails 24/7 - faster than they expect it?

That's precisely the problem: she's spread too thin. Despite her insane hours and attention to detail, Riley can't...

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Gretchen Rubin AuthorThousands of books explain how we should set priorities, stay focused, and make time for what truly matters—but that advice, however sound, is all too easy to ignore. Laura Vanderkam takes a different approach. By harnessing the irresistible power of story-telling, she makes those aims vivid and compelling in an entirely new way, to show us how and why we can make room for possibilities. (Source)

Chris Guillebeau Laura is my go-to expert for time management and Juliet's School of Possibilities is a delightful book. You can read it in a couple of short sittings, then go away with a lifetime of application. (Source)

Alissa Carpenter One of my favorite experts on time management and productivity @lvanderkam released a new book, Juliet's School of Possibilities! https://t.co/12kBFrvimV She's also giving away a free time makeover guide and time sheet and I needed to share! https://t.co/fXrE63NHX6 (Source)

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