Introductory Econometrics

A Modern Approach

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Discover how empirical researchers today actually consider and apply econometric methods with the practical approach in Wooldridge's INTRODUCTORY ECONOMETRICS: A MODERN APPROACH, 6E. Unlike traditional texts, this book uniquely demonstrates how econometrics has moved beyond a set of abstract tools to become genuinely useful for answering questions in business, policy evaluation, and forecasting. INTRODUCTORY ECONOMETRICS is organized around the type of data being analyzed with a systematic approach that only introduces assumptions as they are needed. This makes the material easier to... more

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Eric Weinstein Managing Director/Thiel CapitalFolks frequently ask “What are the books that changed your life?” If I tell them, they are usually radically disappointed. I find that curious. I just cleared out of an office, and these are 4 shelves of spines of books that mattered enough to me to bring home. So here they are. (Source)

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