How Smugglers, Traffickers, and Copycats are Hijacking the Global Economy

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A groundbreaking investigation of how illicit commerce is changing the world by transforming economies, reshaping politics, and capturing governments.In this fascinating and comprehensive examination of the underside of globalization, Moises Naím illuminates the struggle between traffickers and the hamstrung bureaucracies trying to control them. From illegal migrants to drugs to weapons to laundered money to counterfeit goods, the black market produces enormous profits that are reinvested to create new businesses, enable terrorists, and even to take over governments. Naím reveals the inner... more

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Clare Lockhart My fourth book is Illicit, which talks about the illegal, the criminal and the illicit economies. De Soto’s theories about terrorism and why people might be attracted to terrorist causes have huge implications. They provide useful insights as to how we deal with terrorism and provide disenfranchised sections of the population with legitimate representation. That is one of the key ways that the problem was dealt with in Northern Ireland, and in Peru, and which I think will be one of the key ways the problem in Afghanistan and Pakistan will be addressed. So, enfranchisement and legal status.... (Source)

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