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Ranked #11 in Cyberpunk, Ranked #37 in Bridge

'Fast, witty and cleverly politicized' Guardian

Tokyo, post-event

After an attack of scruples, Colin Laney's skipped out on his former employer Slitscan - avoiding the rash of media lawyers sent his way - and taken a job for the outfit managing Japanese rock duo, Lo/Rez. Rez has announced he's going to marry an 'idoru' by the name of Rei Toi - she exists only in virtual reality - and this creates complications that Laney, a net runner, is supposed to sort out. But when Chai, part of Lo/Rez's fan club, turns up unaware that she's carrying illegal nanoware for the...

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Catherine Mayer His powers of prediction are astonishing and in Idoru he predicts ‘fake news’. (Source)

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