How to Read a Book

The Classic Guide to Intelligent Reading

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With more than half a million paperback copies in print and now in this stunning hardcover keepsake edition, How to Read a Book is the classic and definitive guide to reading comprehension and retention for students of literature, scholars across disciplines, and anyone who just loves to read.

Originally written in 1940 and first published by Simon & Schuster in 1972, How to Read a Book introduces and elucidates the various levels of reading and how to achieve them in order to gain the most understanding and insight from any book. From elementary reading, through systematic...

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Reviews and Recommendations

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Sergey Brin Co-Founder/Googlehad “How to Read a Book” by Mortimer J. Adler as one of his most recommended books. (Source)

Ben Chestnut Founder & CEO/MailChimpI also love How to Read a Book by Mortimer Adler. I’m teaching its tips to my children while they’re young, so they can consume books much faster and have more fun reading. (Source)

Kevin Systrom [The author's] thesis is that the most important part of reading a book is to actually read the table of contents and familiarize yourself with the major structure of the book. (Source)

Raul Pachecovega Now, so far I have not criticized the book, and there’s a reason for this: It’s FANTASTIC. Adler and Van Doren’s writing is fluid, agile, non-jargon-laden (aka very clear). The book gives students a repertoire of reading strategies (what they call “levels”). WELL DONE! (Source)

Peter Skomoroch @BillHiggins Fantastic book and great idea 👍 (Source)

Daylon Soh Read books on subjects that you're interested in. Read books that challenge you and elevate your thinking. If you absolutely need a recommendation, read How to Read a Book by Moritimer J. Adler. Adler shares this idea of Syntopical Reading which will help you learn about a subject with depth. (Source)

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