High Performance Habits

How Extraordinary People Become That Way

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After extensive original research and a decade as the world’s highest-paid performance coach, Brendon Burchard finally reveals the most effective habits for reaching long-term success. Based on one of the largest surveys ever conducted on high performers, it turns out that just six habits move the needle the most in helping you succeed. Adopt these six habits, and you win. Neglect them, and life is a never-ending struggle. 

We all want to be high performing in every area of our lives. But how? Which habits can help...

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Bogdan Lucaciu In parallel I’m also listening to “High Performance Habits” on Audible. If you get past the introduction, which is a bit too “self-help” in tone, the content is amazing. I consider myself a high performer, but it comes and goes, depending on so many things like mood, stress, energy. This book does a good job at setting a vision for long-term, consistent high performance in all areas of life. (Source)

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