English Bread and Yeast Cookery

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First published in 1977, and winning its author the coveted Glenfiddich Writer of the Year Award, this universally acclaimed book is regarded by many as simply the best book ever written about the making of bread. It covers all aspects of flour-milling, yeast, bread ovens and the different types of bread and flour available. It contains an exhaustive collection of recipes, everything from plain brown wholemeal or saffron cake to drop scones and croissants; all described with her typical elegance and unrivaled knowledge. Even how to make your own yeast and keep it. But more than just a list of... more

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Chris Young Elizabeth took a look at loaves and said, ‘All those times you thought you were eating traditional loaves, they were probably quite modern. There is a better way of doing it. There are better breads to be made.’ She was perhaps the most prominent champion for real bread in Britain during the depths of the white sliced years. (Source)

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