Easy Japanese Pickling in Five Minutes to One Day

101 Full-Color Recipes for Authentic Tsukemono

Ranked #91 in Japanese Cooking

Packed with 101 full-color recipes, this slim volume is the perfect introduction to Japanese pickling. Traditionally, many favorite Japanese pickling techniques take days or months. In this book, author Seiko Ogawa demonstrates new methods to make even nukazuke-pickles made in a rich-tasting base that traditionally took weeks to set up--in just one day.

Recipes include:
SPRING/SUMMER: Marinated Red Cabbage; Speedy Sauerkraut; Kimchee-Style Crosscut Cucumbers; Ginger-Miso Okra; Curried Cauliflower; Pickled Ginger for Sushi; Nukazuke

FALL/WINTER: Sesame Eggplant;...

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