Driftwood Days

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Under autumn leaves, a boy watches a beaver build a dam. One of the branches slips away, carried downstream by the river. Through the changing seasons, the branch makes a long, epic journey to the sea, before finally getting tossed back onto shore. Changed by the elements, the branch—now driftwood—lies patiently on the beach, until the boy discovers it once again.

Featuring breathtaking artwork by Charles Vess, Driftwood Days offers readers a beautiful, multilayered story about nature, science, childhood, and change.

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Simon Smith Wow! This book is absolutely top-drawer. “Driftwood Days” by William Miniver and the utterly brilliant Charles Vess is a beautiful delicate story of cyclical change, seasons, ecology and environment. The sublime art and poetic words make it a just breathtaking. #picturebookpage https://t.co/m0bF00gOX8 (Source)

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