Deep Learning Illustrated

A Visual, Interactive Guide to Artificial Intelligence

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"The authors' clear visual style provides a comprehensive look at what's currently possible with artificial neural networks as well as a glimpse of the magic that's to come."
--Tim Urban, author of Wait But Why Fully Practical, Insightful Guide to Modern Deep Learning

Deep learning is transforming software, facilitating powerful new artificial intelligence capabilities, and driving unprecedented algorithm performance. Deep Learning Illustrated is uniquely intuitive and offers a complete introduction to the discipline's techniques. Packed with...

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Kirk Borne 🌟📘📊📈Awesome new book >> #DeepLearning Illustrated — A Visual, Interactive Guide to Artificial Intelligence” by @JonKrohnLearns ——————— #BigData #Analytics #DataScience #AI #MachineLearning #Algorithms #NeuralNetworks (Source)

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