City of Thieves

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From the critically acclaimed author of The 25th Hour, a captivating novel about war, courage, survival — and a remarkable friendship that ripples across a lifetime.

During the Nazis’ brutal siege of Leningrad, Lev Beniov is arrested for looting and thrown into the same cell as a handsome deserter named Kolya. Instead of being executed, Lev and Kolya are given a shot at saving their own lives by complying with an outrageous directive: secure a dozen eggs for a powerful Soviet colonel to use in his daughter’s wedding cake. In a city cut off from all supplies and suffering...

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Leo Babauta Recommends this book

Brian Koppelman I’ve given it to 100 people. All of them thanked me and gave away a bunch themselves. (Source)

Nicholas Carlson Amazing recommendations. Thanks everyone. Just finished a book off this list: "City of Thieves." It was funny, moving, and thrilling. I also recommend it. (Source)

The CEO Library Community (through anonymous form) One of the best 3 books I've read in 2019 (Source)

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