Beyond Weird

Why Everything You Thought You Knew about Quantum Physics Is Different

Ranked #14 in Quantum Mechanics

“Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it.”
Since Niels Bohr said this many years ago, quantum mechanics has only been getting more shocking. We now realize that it’s not really telling us that “weird” things happen out of sight, on the tiniest level, in the atomic world. Rather, we can now see that everything is quantum: our everyday world is simply what quantum becomes at the human scale. But if quantum mechanics is right, what seems obvious and right in our everyday world is built on foundations that don’t seems obvious or right—or even possible.

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Jim Al-Khalili There is certainly no shortage of books out there all vying for the title of best demystifier of this counterintuitive, yet powerful, theory of the subatomic world. Philip Ball’s book, which has received much praise since it was published last year, is one of the most lucid and enlightening books on the nature of reality of the quantum world that I have ever read. (Source)

Kirk Borne Why the Many-Worlds Interpretation (the idea that the universe splits into multiple realities) Has Many Problems — it is essentially “incoherent” and “beyond weird”: #physics ——— See this interesting book: (Source)

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