Accidental Presidents

Eight Men Who Changed America


The strength and prestige of the American presidency has waxed and waned since George Washington. Accidental Presidents looks at eight men who came to the office without being elected to it. It demonstrates how the character of the man in that powerful seat affects the nation and world.

Eight men have succeeded to the presidency when the incumbent died in office. In one way or another they vastly changed our history. Only Theodore Roosevelt would have been elected in his own right. Only TR, Truman, Coolidge, and LBJ...

Reviews and Recommendations

We've comprehensively compiled reviews of Accidental Presidents from the world's leading experts.

Eric Schmidt CEO/GoogleA timely book that is highly relevant to today's politics. (Source)

Adam Grant It’s rare for a physician to become a prominent social scientist. It’s even rarer for that person to write a book that opens your eyes to a fresh way of understanding the world. Blueprint is a contrarian exploration of how good societies may be shaped less by historical forces and more by natural selection. (Source)

Ashton Kutcher If you think today’s politics are wild, read [this book]. (Source)

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